The Comedy Crown - Comedy Competition Rules

After filling out the submission form and paying the entry fee, you will receive a confirmation email guaranteeing you a date and time slot.  

Each comic will be given 5 minutes of stage time. When the light comes on, you will have one minute left. Points will be deducted for going over, and comics can be disqualified for going past 6 minutes. 

Along with audience reaction and votes, originality, stage presence, and overall performance will be the basis for each comic advancing to the next round. 

  • Complete submission form 
  • Submit entry fee $25  

Both steps must be completed by in order to participate. Set dates and times will be assigned and emailed out to all applicants after registration closes. All submissions are on a first-come, first-served basis.  Round one begins two weeks after registration closes. Regarding the following shows, we will be as accommodating  as possible to everyone who enters in the event of a schedule conflict. 

Click here to fill out submission form